How to Know Which Size Dumpster You Need

A recent study found that America produces 292.4 million tons of solid waste yearly. Dumpsters are a great way of getting rid of trash promptly and less expensively.

However, not all dumpsters are the same; most are different sizes and have varying weight limits. So how do you choose which dumpster rental is best for you?

Don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out! We’ve looked into everything you need to know about dumpster sizes. That way, you can find the right dumpster size.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at finding the best dumpster:

1. Calculate the Size

Before you rent a dumpster, you should know its volume that way; you know how big it is and how much it can hold. Now, since dumpsters are rectangular, they need to be measured in cubic space, which means that their measurements are displayed in cubic yards.

One cubic yard can hold an amount equivalent to about five thirteen-gallon trash bags. So if you have a lot of heavy and large debris, you’ll need to rent a dumpster that’s at least 25 yards. However, a 15 or 20-yard dumpster will work fine if you have small debris.

2. Consider the Weight of the Debris

Dumpsters often come with a weight limit to ensure the debris can be dumped safely and in a timely manner. However, since different debris will be heavier than others, it’s best to estimate how much your items will weigh. That way, you can prevent overcharges and additional fees.

After all, the added weight can cause the dumpster to be harder to dump and take more time to dispose of. If you need to dump heavier objects like bricks, flooring, and furniture, ensure that you have a large enough dumpster and that your objects fit within the weight restrictions.

3. Determine the Amount Of Debris

Every project is different and requires a different amount of debris. If you need a dumpster for small or mid-size jobs, a 15-yard dumpster will be perfect for you. It can fit bulkier materials like flooring, bedroom furniture, and tree branches.

If you need a bit more space, purchase a 20-yard dumpster. It can fit all sorts of debris like roofing materials, light demolition projects, as well as yard decorations and waste.

To figure out which dumpster is right for you, always consider what you’re going to be dumping and the amount of space it takes up. That way, you can purchase a dumpster that isn’t too big or too small.

Hire a Dumpster Rental Company Today

A dumpster rental is certainly needed for certain projects; however, before you rent one, you first need to ask yourself, what size? Determining the size you need can be difficult; thankfully, we’ve determined the three factors you need to calculate. First, measure how big you need the dumpster to be, then consider the weight of the debris and the amount there will be.

Doing so will help you find the right size dumpster for you. Contact us today if you need more information about renting a dumpster, and we will be ready to help!

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